Display Pedestals

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Display Pedestals for Work Space

Display pedestals by Dakota are designed to provide sufficient work space to lay out digitizers regardless of size. Small, large, and even jumbo table workstations are available to accommodate the work of all trades, disciplines, and professions. Despite the digitizer size, these pedestals have a small footprint and take up no more space than the larger digitizers. The XJ-1000A workstation, for example, takes up 10.5 square feet.

Whatever type of digitizer you prefer to work with, the heavy-duty steel frame of these pedestals is meant to be durable and unaffected by many years of use. With a stable platform settled on this frame, the equipment nevertheless permits subtle adjustments for the comfort of the user. Whatever your height or preferred working stance, a Dakota pedestal has the capability of adapting to your needs.

Basic Pedestal

Regardless of your work requirements, the basic pedestal is designed to support digitizers up to 44 inches by 60 inches. You can start with this item and customize when you wish with a computer shelf and monitor/printer arm. The modular configuration of the pedestals and workstations permit additions to them in order to remove monitors and printers from the work area.

This modular setup lets you start with a basic pedestal to support your digitizer and enlarge your digitizer support equipment as the need arises. Display pedestals permit custom arrangements of the arms, which swivel and slide. The table top itself tilts from 0 to nearly 90 degrees to suit all users whether sitting or standing.

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