Drafting Pads

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Drafting Pads for Convenience

Drafting pads offer convenience for those who are in the field, have small work spaces, or need the pad's specific features. Small-format, digitized tablets and boards offer excellent performance for the design professional. Used with multi-function pens and cursors, these digitizers make exceptional drafting pads for those who need to continue with their measurements and scale drawings.

Medium-size tablets with active areas of about 12 inches are good for CAD and other professional graphics applications. For drafting on large tablets, more room and more support are needed, but original documents that need retracing, such as maps, can be handled. Blueprints would require the larger digitizer models, although notations, measurements, and scale sections can be entered into a pad.

Pads for Mechanical Drawing

Before products, equipment or buildings are actually built, they are usually developed virtually with CAD. The detailed drawings on which construction is based are created on digitizers using CAD software. These blueprints help engineers, industrial designers, and product designers to produce good consumer appliances, tools, and homes.

GTCO Calcomp manufactures many digitizers from jumbo- to small-format tablets and boards that accommodate the requirements of professionals in the drafting fields, such as architecture and engineering. Desktop pads--CADPro and DrawingBoard III-- and roll-up digitizers enable professionals to enter and develop their ideas, measurements, and drawings even when out of the office.

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