Drafting Stand

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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The Best Drafting Stand

Any drafting stand must have adjustable mechanisms, tilting capabilities, and stable support. This perfectly describes a Dakota pedestal, which is the standard in the industry. Renowned for its durability, stability, and ergonomic construction, this line of pedestals and workstations is top-quality.

Noted for its components and modular design, Dakota offers the user a most comfortable working arrangement. As a drafting stand, the pedestal/table top combination has the benefits of Dakota design, but is more affordable for the student or professional who is just beginning a career in architecture, engineering, or graphic design. Table tops can support 30 x 36-inch, or 36 x 48-inch roll-up digitizers.

Smooth Operation

Whether you use a pedestal with table top, or need the full-featured workstation, these products provide fluid adjustments. A smooth-turning crank operates a rack-and-pinion, gas spring mechanism that allows for a table height of 28.5 to 44.5 inches. Tilting angles range from 0 to 90 degrees; levelers or casters are included.

The workstations are larger and modular, but perform just as smoothly. They are equally adjustable in all elements to enable the user to stand or sit comfortably with the drafting table angled for the best working position. Any design activity is well-supported by these superb pedestals--embroidery design, estimating, and architectural and mechanical drafting.

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