Drafting Tablet

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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A Suitable Drafting Tablet

A drafting tablet must be comfortable to use and should have the features that will produce quality work swiftly. As a professional, you want a well-defined active surface that is large enough to turn out your designs. Whether you need a jumbo-, large-, or small-size digitizer tablet, it should have the features and accessories that make it easy to use.

GTCO Calcomp's digitizers usually offer a choice of corded or cordless pointing devices, with various buttons from four to 16. Some digitizers are backlit or surface-lit, interactive, or desktop. Some are rigid tablets; others are roll-up for field use.

Broad Compatibility

Regardless of the specialized configuration, GTCO's digitizer tablets are compatible with most professional software and with DOS/Windows and/or Mac platforms. Indeed, a drafting tablet should complement such popular software as AutoCAD, and GTCO's Drawing Board III does just that. Both the software and the digitizer increase productivity because each enhances the output of the other.

Super L III and Drawing Board IV are rigid tablets that come in several sizes to accommodate various professions, such as mapping, GIS, design, or construction estimating. Both large-format digitizers are renowned for their high resolution and precision data input over a large surface area. Because they are intended for multiple use, they are compatible with various software that is specifically geared to a particular profession.

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