Estimating Software

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Estimating Software Increases Productivity

Estimating software cuts the tedious measurements and calculations that go into manual estimation. By reducing the amount of time spent on such steps, you increase your productivity, which means more projects can go from takeoff to completion. Streamlining the estimation process also contributes to excellent customer service.

When you can take on a project, and provide your customer with an accurate, reliable estimate before the competition, your impressive performance will garner more customers through word-of-mouth. Using blueprint takeoffs, your estimating software will determine your needs in such areas as sitework, paving, and landscaping. Digitizer equipment will increase your efficiency and give you detailed information about your site.

Compatibility with Digitizers

Estimation software is designed to work with most digitizers, and if you use digitizers from the major companies, you will have no problems with compatibility. The scope of information produced by this software is astounding. If, for instance, you are a general contractor who must figure earthwork cut-and-fill volumes, software will let you trace contours and enter sloping spot elevations.

GTCO's QuikRuler is compatible with all major estimation software, and does not need a computer. This digitizer is an affordable and portable instrument for measuring any radial-shaped area on a blueprint, and for measuring square feet and cubic volume. This is but one of the many types of digitizers that will increase output for estimators in many fields.

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