Written by Patricia Tunstall
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GTCO: Leader in Digitizers

GTCO Calcomp is one of the preeminent manufacturers of digitizing equipment in the world. A pioneer in digitizers, tablets, scanners, and Internet conferencing implements, this company was awarded a patent in the 1970s for "the invention of the world's first absolute-position electromagnetic digitizing technology." The organization has maintained its prestigious status by consistently turning out superior products for professionals in many fields.

A prime example is the Surface-Lit AccuTab, which you can choose to have fitted onto a Dakota pedestal. The AccuTab is one-third the thickness and half the weight of the typical back-lit unit. Surface lighting, as opposed to back lighting, cuts the number of bulbs in half and enables the AccuTab to use less energy.

Going High-Tech

For a high-tech solution to limited work space, look at the company's Roll-Up digitizers. If you lack a dedicated work area, this unit does not require a fixed station. Portable and durable, the GTCO Roll-Up digitizers have several advantages over a rigid tablet design.

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