Gtco Calcomp

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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GTCO Calcomp Excels in Digitizers for Professionals

GTCO Calcomp manufactures products for digitizing and measuring, and for graphics and CAD tablets. AccuTab II is a large-format digitizer that comes in various sizes; it has flawless data integrity and high resolution capabilities. Designed for the GIS field, this tablet is characterized by coordinate resolution, repeatability, and system compatibility.

The Roll-Up digitizers are space-saving, portable digitizers that are ideal for field work in cost estimating, and medical and design programs. Another invaluable instrument for architects, engineers, surveyors--anyone involved in construction estimation--is QuikRuler, a complete measuring workstation. The package includes the Roll-Up II digitizer, pointing tool, measuring menu and measuring program.

Capturing Three Dimensions

GTCO Calcomp has produced the Freepoint 3D sonic digitizer, which enables pros in many fields to capture the measurements of a three-dimensional object. This large-format, flexible unit allows the operator to rapidly obtain the required information to store in databases for multiple uses. Aside from the necessary cables and user's manual, the package includes a probe and triangular detector array.

A distinctive feature is the hand-held instrument that makes an awkward mechanical arm unnecessary. This digitizer equipment is portable and lightweight, with a small footprint. During operation, the unit is continuously calibrating to ensure accurate measurements. Despite its size, the Freepoint 3D has a large working volume: eight feet by eight feet by 16 feet.

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