Gtco Calcomp Digitizer

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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High-Quality GTCO Calcomp Digitizer

Any GTCO Calcomp digitizer benefits from the instantly-recognized company name. Internationally acclaimed for its leadership in the area of digitizer equipment, this company has remained in the forefront of high-tech research and development since its founding in 1975. Its products have world-wide distribution; the company supports over a million input systems in 50 countries.

Versatile, adaptable, and durable, these digitizers come in various configurations in order to meet the specialized needs of such disciplines as construction, engineering, architecture, and graphic design. Large-format, small-format, backlit, sonic, three-dimensional--this company manufactures an amazing range of digital boards, tablets, and pads. Broadly compatible with DOS/Windows, and/or Mac platforms, these are easily-setup systems with plug-and-play design and general user-friendly construction.

InterWrite for Meetings and Schools

GTCO makes good use of the astounding capabilities of Bluetooth, the radio frequency standard that enables separate entities to communicate without a physical connection. In other words, this wireless technology brings mobility to various electronics units. The GTCO Calcomp digitizer products that incorporate Bluetooth technology are the InterWrite product family for school, corporations, and government.

While the teacher--or students--uses the interactive SchoolBoard, up to seven SchoolPads in the hands of students can be active simultaneously. Likewise, communication during corporate meetings is increased by the interactive MeetingBoard and the MeetingPads distributed among attendees. This InterWrite Meeting Suite is on the General Services Administration's Federal Supply Schedule for government use.

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