Gtco Digitizer

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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GTCO Digitizer for Quality Work Product

A GTCO digitizer is one of the finest products on the market. With its dedication to research and advanced technology, GTCO consistently stays in the forefront of the digitizer field. Whether it's sonic digitizers or 3D digitizers, GTCO manufactures units that meet the demands of architects, engineers, and graphic designers who need data integrity, high resolution, and rapid output of quality work.

Digital equipment has so many practical uses, from digitized embroidery designs to construction estimation. Because of the multiple uses of digitizers, they come in many sizes, shapes, and special configurations. Whether backlit or surface-lit, desktop or workstation, these magical units are intended to do the tedious measuring and designing that are so time-consuming.

The Super L III

It was a GTCO digitizer series--the Super L--that was the prototype for large-format digitizing. The most recent addition to this series is the Super L III, which takes the original series to a higher level of performance. With compatibility with nearly all PC software, this unit has added flexibility and adaptability as a result of its acceptance of both a corded and cordless pointing device used on the same tablet.

Once again, GTCO has come up with high-tech features, such as patented sensing technology, in a unit made from state-of-the-art materials. Professionals in textiles, construction estimating, CAD, and engineering will value the enhanced performance of the Super L III. The SuperSet Menu permits easy, simple software configuring and alternating between applications.

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