Residential Construction Estimating

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Residential Construction Estimating with Digitizers

Residential construction estimating is facilitated by digitizers and estimating software that significantly shorten the time necessary to produce good computations. Paperwork and manual figuring are reduced or eliminated, and precise figures are produced that determine construction requirements. A general contractor building a custom house or a subdivision will find actual work can begin much sooner with digitized calculations made in advance.

Quantities can be readily determined for paving (sidewalks, curbs), landscaping, or trenching. Soil analysis, topsoil stripping, or grade allowances--any earthwork needs can be quantified immediately. These are merely the fundamentals; construction estimating software can provide you with three-dimensional, color-coded maps based on the calculations. Cross sections can demonstrate the strata between any two points, and three-dimensional illustrations display any surface.

Software Does the Work

Any aspect of residential construction estimating can be handled easily by digitizers and software. Architectural and structural takeoffs are part of the operations of estimating software. Three-dimensional takeoffs for walls, partitions, and framing aid visualization of the final structure.

Whatever the construction function--roofing, tiling, flooring--the digital process produces calculations and images that enable the contractor to begin building knowing the requirements in advance. The accuracy of the calculations is unquestioned, and contractors rely on them with confidence. Modern residential construction utilizes the most advanced technology to eliminate unknown measurements and damaging surprises.

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