Table Pedestals

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Table Pedestals for Durable Support

Table pedestals are yet another Dakota version of its adaptable pedestal products. Designed for use with roll-up digitizers, these table tops fit onto the pedestal, which is made of heavy-duty steel. Two sizes accommodate all roll-ups that are now on the market.

GTCO's Roll Up II, for instance, is portable, but can be placed on a Dakota pedestal in the office after being used in the field. The Roll Up II measures 20 inches by 24 inches, and can fit onto either pedestal for these models. Depending on the work space available, you can choose between the smaller or larger footprint in table pedestals.

Two Sizes of Table Tops

The smaller size is for use with a 30 inch by 36 inch roll-up digitizer, and has a footprint of 43 inches by 48 inches. The larger can handle a 36 inch by 48 inch roll-up digitizer and has a footprint of 43 inches by 60 inches. Each one has the famous Dakota comfort and adjustment levels.

All movements of a Dakota pedestal are fluid, with the needs of the user uppermost. The rack-and-pinion mechanism uses a gas spring to lower or elevate the height from 28.5 inches to 44.5 inches. Tilting of the table top ranges from 0 to almost 90 degrees.

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