Adjustable Foot Rests

Written by Erwann Marshall
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For those who remain in static chairs for long periods of time, adjustable foot rests mean more than a place to put their feet up. Foot rests help to improve circulation and comfort while supporting the lower back and legs. Common problems like leg swelling, foot numbness and pinched thigh nerves disappear with a well-designed foot rest available under the desk.

Adjustable foot rests are the most cost-effective of all ergonomic products, compared to fully adjustable chairs and desks. If the chair can not be raised and lowered so that the feet are flat on the ground and the wrists are straight with the keyboard, an adjustable foot rest is mandatory.

Choosing Great Adjustable Foot Rests

The best foot rests can oscillate from 0° to 35° in either direction (fore and aft) to aid the person in stretching the ankles and calves whenever they feel like it and should include up to a five inch range o adjustability in height. Make sure the height foot lever is easy to use with a short tap of the foot. Adjustable foot rests should be made of durable metal and plastic, but not so heavy as to be immovable.

The design of foot rests should have either a carpeted or nonskid surface so the feet are cushioned and held into place. Rubber soles on the bottoms of the rest will aid in keeping the rest itself firmly planted on the ground. To fit 95 percent of the population, most adjustable foot rests are a minimum of 15 inches wide and 11-inches in length; if a larger rest is needed, talk to a custom ergonomic furniture manufacturer.

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