Anti Glare Screens

Written by Erwann Marshall
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If a company's office workers are experiencing an inordinate amount of eyestrain, chances are that they should add a few anti glare screens to their monitors. After all, eyestrain can lead to headaches, poor vision and dry membranes. Most of the things that cause glare can be either prevented with a few monitor and workplace adjustments, or with the inclusion of an anti glare screen.

The eyes are incredibly delicate parts of the human body, and can grow weak with prolonged exposure to monitor glare. Harm to the eyes has been linked to poor performance rates, errors in judgment, and fatigue amongst those who spend a lot of time in front of the computer. Solving the glare issues in an office is one strong step towards improving employee comfort and increasing business productivity.

The first adjustment to be made is to wash the computer monitor and adjust its brightness settings. Close any blinds that may be casting light onto the screen and angle the monitor away from bright lights in the room. If glare is still a problem, attach anti glare screens made of optical glass and covered by an anti-reflective coating.

Picking the Most Effective Anti Glare Screens

The best anti glare screens reduce glare by 95 to 99 percent and are easy to clean with water and a soft cloth. Some feature an anti static feature that prevents the accumulation of dust particles on their surfaces. A few screens are built to handle any CRT monitor, while others are designed to fit flat panel LCD monitors.

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