Written by Sierra Rein
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When it comes to high quality printer stands and space-saving workstations, thousands of business managers turn to the BALT company for help. Located in Temple, Texas, BALT first began its search for ergonomically designed office furniture in 1985. It started with three simple adjustable printer stands; today, it is a leader in computer-oriented furniture.

There are many different items to choose from the BALT collection. All are sleekly designed and appropriate for any professional setting. They can be utilized in personal or open office environments, educational rooms or home business areas.

Items like the Ergo E.Eazy desk are perfect for typists, dictation experts, writers and other office professionals. It uses pneumatic (air-powered) adjustments to raise or lower the workspace area to the desired level and includes an articulating keyboard which can be angled and tilted to fit ergonomic typing requirements. The specially designed Freedom desk offers to the user the ability to adjust the height and angle of the keyboard separate from the monitor.

BALT-Made Keyboard and Printer Stands

For any library, office, educational or professional business, BALT makes keyboard stands that can be adjusted to the personal height and tilt axis of the user in question. This is great news for a hard-working transcriptionist who needs to have a separate workspace for her keyboard or transcribing machine. It is also good information for those who wish to provide their laptops with a functional work spot without taking up valuable space on their office desk.

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