Black Ergonomic Keyboards

Written by Sierra Rein
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Black ergonomic keyboards are both a healthy and stylish solution to common wrist and upper body aches like carpal tunnel syndrome and elbow pain. They match most any office design and can be kept cleaner than white or tan keyboards. However, their true benefit is how they maintain the posture and position of the arms and hands during long typing periods.

Ergonomic keyboards should be of an appropriate size and key spacing and able to be utilized by most typists. Vertical spacing from the center of one key to another should be between 0.71-0.82 inches (18-21 mm), while horizontal spacing should fall between 0.71-0.75 inches (18-19 mm). Black ergonomic keyboards can be either split down the middle and rotated to maintain wrist alignment with the forearm, or can be tented to reduce the rotation of the forearms and remove stress from the upper arms and back muscles.

Some black ergonomic keyboards also take left handed people into account. The keypad can either be permanently attached to the left side of the board or can be designed to switch sides as a detached unit. If there are two employees who share computers, this detachment option can be a great space-saving solution.

How to Set up Black Ergonomic Keyboards

Simply having an ergonomic keyboard in one's desk area does not preclude one to perfect typing posture. Any keyboard is more effective if placed underneath the desk line, especially if it is designed with an under hanging keyboard tray. Some ergonomic keyboards are even built to be placed on the lap and can come with a long extension cord for easy travel.

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