Carpal Tunnel Wrist Exercises

Written by Sierra Rein
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Carpal Tunnel wrist exercises are some of the smartest things a person can do to either prevent CTS from occurring. Studies have also shown that two thirds of all patients with low or mild pain can avoid the chance of surgery by exercising their wrists on a daily basis. This is two times the effectiveness of non-surgical treatments.

However, people should not utilize them if they have moderate to extreme cases of CTS, as further damage can be incurred without proper supervision. On the other hand, if none of these exercises do anything to reduce pain and inflammation, it is a good idea to discuss surgical and medicinal treatments with a physical therapist or physician.

A Few Easy Carpal Tunnel Wrist Exercises

The following exercises should be performed at the start of each workday and each time a break is taken. They usually take only five minutes to perform. The first exercise is to stand with your arms out in front of you and extend the fingers of the hand upwards towards the ceiling (as if you were doing a handstand). Hold this position, then relax the fingers and straighten the wrists.

Next, make two tight fists with your hands, bend the wrists so that the knuckles point downwards, and hold this position for five seconds. Revert to a relaxed position, with the arms still out in front of you, wrists straight, and palm and fingers relaxed. This series of stretches can be repeated up to ten times during an exercise session. After the set is finally finished, let the arms fall to the sides of the body and shake them out fully before getting to work.

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