Computer Glare Screens

Written by Sierra Rein
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Computer glare screens are probably the most humble of all ergonomic office tools. Their simple task is to protect the viewer from unnecessary light reflected by a nearby light source. Some people never realize that they need one until a fellow employee, office manager or ergonomic specialist makes a recommendation to get one.

The human eye is a delicate organ that can tire easily if it is forced to stare at a computer screen for a long amount of time. If the screen is covered by a glare from an overhead light or side window, the retina and focusing muscles in the eye experience even more strain than normal. When unchecked, this strain can lead to decreased vision, headaches and upper back pain.

Computer glare screens are designed with layers of optical coating to decrease the amount of light reflected back to the viewer. The best screens provide 75 to 100 percent shielding against UV, UVA and UVB rays and follow the recommendations set by the American Optometric Association for long-term protection. These can be found for both large CRT monitors and flat screen LCD panels in a variety of sizes.

Fully Functional Computer Glare Screens

Some manufacturers of computer glare screens have recognized that these ergonomic eye-savers can also function as office tools. For example, the Humanscale NeatView Filter screen is built with two folding "doors" on either side which, when closed, keep unwanted dust and dirt from clogging the screen and provide any needed privacy when the user steps away from the desk. When opened, one of the doors can be used as a clipboard document holder, while the other can be utilized as a dry-erase board for any notes, reminders, due dates and telephone numbers that need to be written down in a hurry.

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