Document Holders

Written by Sierra Rein
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If you happen to see office workers leaning forward to read the papers on their desks while attempting to type, chances are they are in dire need of a few document holders. These back-saving devices are simple to use and amazingly effective against common backaches, eye pains and other ailments associated with imbalanced desk posture. They are also very affordable compared with other ergonomic items.

The simple premise behind document holders is to place any important papers or books to within eye level of the seated individual. He should not have to move his upper back forward to read the text, nor should he have to turn his head more than 15° in either direction. The holder brings the material towards him so that all he needs to do is move his glance between the screen, keyboard and text.

Choose From a Variety of Document Holders

There are a number of different types of holders, the simplest being a stand or upright clipboard upon which either individual papers or entire reference books can be placed. These are most effective when set between the keyboard and the screen so that a simple eye adjustment from one level to another is made. Other document holders can be fixed directly to the sides of CRT or flat-screen monitors for even quicker eye movements.

Some holders are even designed to be affixed to any piece of furniture, be it a keyboard tray, shelf, armrest or desk. Of course, the ultimate placement of these depends on how the individual chooses to set up his workspace. They key is to experiment and perform "trial runs" to discover which position and angle the holder is best positioned in.

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