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Ergonomic Accessories

Written by Josh Dodes
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Until the last few years, office-oriented ergonomic accessories represented little more than a curiosity to most workers. Aesthetically pleasing but of uncertain practical value, most such ergonomic accessories inspired impressed glances more frequently than proactive purchases. But in the last few years, that situation has changed dramatically.

And not a moment too soon. Thanks to the ubiquity and increased functionality of desktop computers, ergonomic injuries have become far more prevalent than ever before. Ironically, of course, it is as a result of our society's obsession with reducing physical labor in the workplace that such injuries occur.

Repetitive Stress

Only four or five years ago, even the most computer-bound office worker had little choice but to leave his desk with some regularity. Talking to an employee across the hall, making copies, delivering a document--it turns out these sporadic physical "inconveniences" to which we were all subject were actually protecting us from repetitive stress. And today, thanks to instant messaging, PDFs, and similar innovations, those unavoidable occasions for diversity of physical motion are gone.

Sitting in place and typing away is dangerous? While such a notion is admittedly somewhat counterintuitive, human engineering info and an explosion of repetitive stress injuries have more than proven the point. The fact is, even minor musculoskeletal pressure, when applied consistently for hours on end, can quickly transform today's minor discomfort into tomorrow's chronic pain.

The Role of Ergonomic Accessories

Fortunately, well-designed ergonomic accessories can go a long way to solving this peculiarly modern problem. Of course, not all ergonomic accessories are well-designed. As with anything else health-related, only careful research and relentless attention to detail pay significant dividends. Today, if you know where to look, the beneficiary of that care and expertise can be you.

The best ergonomic accessories manufacturers understand that only in certain, natural positions can our muscles and joints move with maximal flexibility and minimal pain. From ergonomic chairs to mouse trackballs and rollers, every product offered by the top manufacturers has been designed with one central goal: helping you avoid cumulative trauma disorders (CTDs). A worthy goal, to be sure; after all, as computers increasingly dominate our work and private lives, there will be scant few of us for whom avoiding CTDs will not be a significant concern.

Ergonomic Accessories and Long-Term Protection

Perhaps the most pernicious element of repetitive stress injuries is how difficult they are to detect, until it is too late. As most carpal tunnel syndrome and chronic pain victims will attest, maladies which have come to consume their day-to-day lives invariably began as discomfort that they hardly noticed. That means that anyone who experiences even the mildest soreness or irritation in their neck, back, shoulders, wrists or hands after a long day at work owes it to herself to consider the long-term protection of top ergonomic accessories.

Outstanding ergonomic products are no longer expensive or difficult to find. The key is to know what you are looking for, and to make a decision to do so. With the potential consequences of ignoring this critical issue so severe, I encourage you to do so with all speed.

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