Ergonomic Back Chairs

Written by Sierra Rein
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If you sit for long hours at a desk or workstation and are experiencing a lot of back pain, chances are you should look at a few ergonomic back chairs. These chairs are scientifically built to cushion the human body against the forces of gravity and maintain proper alignment of most of the delicate joints. They are great for security guards, typists, secretaries, communications managers, and any number of individuals who spend time working in office stations.

The back is full of intricate bones, muscles and tendons, all of which receive a lot of downward pressure while the individual is sitting. The spine can contract and bend painfully while the person works and after a while can be plagued with muscle spasms and disc injuries. No one should have to endure this pain especially while today's ergonomic back chairs are so plentiful and affordable.

Ergonomic back chairs are able to be adjusted to an individual's personal comfort and can include built-in lumbar supports for the lower back. The best chairs can have optional removable armrests that are adjustable in height and distance from each other. Some provide headrests and footrests that swing out from the bottom or sides to provide support for the knees, thighs, neck and shoulders.

Use Good Sense With Ergonomic Back Chairs

No matter how well a chair is designed, a human being is not built to handle any sitting position for long periods of time. The science of ergonomics also requires one to take breaks and participate in stretching exercises to revive blood flow and allow the body to readjust itself. Without these simple moves, even the most comfortable chair can cause stiffness and tension.

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