Ergonomic Foot Rests

Written by Sierra Rein
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If a business budget does not have enough room to provide ergonomic chairs for the entire office, an office manager may wish to invest in a few affordable ergonomic foot rests. They provide support for the feet and legs and lift the knees and thighs up from the seat to prevent a number of different posture hazards, such as blood clots, pressure on the Achilles tendon, varicose veins and an unhealthy pooling of fluids in the lower limbs. Ergonomic foot rests are also great solutions for those cases in which the chair's seat cannot be lowered and for individuals who need extra help with their leg support.

A chair's height is ergonomically sound once the seated person is able to place the entire sole of the foot on the floor with the back of the knee elevated slightly above the seat of the chair. Some people are too short to sit comfortably in many office chairs and must adjust the height of the chair to fit their unique physique. Unfortunately, there are also many instances where the desk, keyboard and computer monitor would become too high if the seat is lowered.

When a person sits in a chair that is too tall for her, it is likely that she will sit in an ergonomically improper manner. She may sit forward on the seat to put her feet on the floor, leaving her back unsupported and in an awkward position. Placing ergonomic foot rests underneath tall chairs will allow anyone to sit back in the seat and take pressure off of the torso, thighs and backs of the legs.

Adjustable and Tilting Ergonomic Foot Rests

Some foot rests can be adjusted from a few inches to up to a foot, while others are equipped with a tilt-able platform. Others can be fitted with rollers so that they can be easily stored underneath the desk. They should all be designed with a non-skid surface so that the feet will not slid off the platform during use.

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