Ergonomic Mouse

Written by Sierra Rein
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Researchers have found that badly designed computer tools can adversely affect a computer user's physical and mental health. People who sit at computers for long stretches at a time and use poor cursor control systems are more likely to experience reduced blood flow to the hands and a load of pressure upon the median nerve. On the other hand, healthy tools--like an ergonomic mouse--can lead to increased performance rates and reduced pain and aggravation by almost 25 percent.

An ergonomic mouse is a type of cursor control mechanism that takes all the mechanics of the wrist, palm, and forearm into account. It is designed to counteract the effects of repetitive motions that can cause stress disorders like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and tendonitis. It is also extremely beneficial to those who suffer wrist and forearm pain, like those with arthritis, weak muscles, and wrist splints.

For example, the Quill Mouse is considered the world's "first bio-mechanically engineered computer mouse." It orients the wrist and palm into a handshaking position, which to most ergonomists is the most natural way for the arm to function in. Plus, because the side of the hand rests easily in a curved and contoured "valley," the entire lower arm can become fully relaxed while it continues its mouse tracking movement. The functioning power comes from the shoulder and elbow, which are much stronger and sturdier and can handle any small stresses (especially those previously assigned to the wrist in other computer mouses).

An Ergonomic Mouse for Each Hand

Until recent years, left-handed people would often feel in the dark about choosing proper ergonomic equipment, especially when it came to the computer mouse. In the past, they were either forced to use a symmetrical mouse and adjust how they perform the clicking and double-clicking actions, or had to endure the discomfort of using their right hand to control the mouse. Today, however, a number of manufacturers of computer accessories offer computer mouses that are directly designed for the left hand.

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