Evoluent Vertical Mouse

Written by Sierra Rein
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The Evoluent Vertical Mouse is a unique ergonomic cursor control mechanism. It is designed with neutral posture in mind and can be used on any flat mouse pad. It is small enough to travel with and use as a laptop mouse and is compatible with Windows XP, 2000, NT, ME, 98SE and Mac OSX and higher. When used with a PC, the mouse offers five programmable buttons; when with an Apple machine, the mouse offers two programmable buttons and a scroller without a driver.

Most ordinary computer mouses force the wrist into a twisted angle and place the radius and ulna bones in a crossed position. This unnatural shape can lead to repetitive stress injuries (RSIs) like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and tendonitis. An evoluent vertical mouse places the hand and wrist into a position much like that of a handshake (a very natural position that is relaxed and not as conducive to painful twisting).

The Evoluent mouse is easy to understand and does not require any new training to use. The buttons can be operated and used by the exact same fingers as common computer mouses. It can be found in both left and right-handed models and can be programmed with 59 separate functions for easy application and cursor use.

Ease of Movements with the Evoluent Vertical Mouse

Unlike other types of computer mouses, the Evoluent vertical model does not require extraordinary movements of the hand to move the pointer. It is designed with an extremely fast 100 dpi optical sensor that translates small movements of the wrist into large movements of the screen. The speed in which this happens can be pre-programmed into the mouse. In addition, the buttons can be easily clicked without extra force, but are sturdy enough so that clicking mistakes do not occur by accident.

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