Foot Rests

Written by Sierra Rein
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Foot rests are incredibly useful in ergonomically sound workstation areas. However, a large percentage of office workers and desk employees fail to recognize their significance. Oftentimes, they are (unfortunately) the last items an office manager considers on the shopping list.

Many people forget that if the legs are not properly supported blood can pool into the feet, causing blood clots, numbness, poor circulation and discomfort. Shorter people are more likely to experience this, as their feet will probably dangle from a chair set too high for them. While some ergonomic chairs can be set low enough for a person to place his or her feet on the floor, this configuration often leaves the person sitting too low to comfortably reach the top of the desk.

Picking Out the Best Foot Rests for Your Office

The most ergonomically designed foot rests are adjustable in both height and in the forward or backwards angle of the feet themselves. A woman with high heels can put her feet on a backward-angled foot rest so her feet are at a 90° angle with her calves, while a person sitting in a reclined position may feel more comfortable with his feet angled forward. The foot rest should be made of durable material and must be easy to clean with simple soap and water.

Foot rests should not take up a large portion of the area underneath the desk. Many are fitted onto rolling wheels that can be then locked in place when not in use. These wheels and all the rotating mechanisms should be cleaned at least once a year to remove any hair, dust, string and grime collected over the months.

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