Freedom Chairs

Written by Sierra Rein
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Freedom chairs were first invented by Niels Diffrient, an ergonomic engineer who strove to incorporate as many "human factors" as he could into the design of office furniture. He started by working with such famed designers as Eero Saarinen and Marco Zanuzo. After doing this, he took his knowledge, designed the Freedom chair, and won the 2002 Cooper-Hewitt National Design Award for Product Design in addition to eight international awards.

Utilizing a small series of knobs and small paddles, Freedom chairs can mould themselves to the unique shapes and sizes of their owners. Once set, the chair is a permanent fixture of comfort for long sitting periods. However, there are several internal mechanisms that automatically support the weight of the body, even if it adjusts and moves throughout the day.

Freedom chairs are ergonomically built to help the seated person maintain constant eye level with his work area. The armrests have dual synchronous movement to prevent uneven armrest use and move on a horizontal line with the recline angle of the backrest. The headrest also moves with the reclining position and actually moves itself away once the chair is upright.

Where to Buy Freedom Chairs

Because these chairs can fit up to 90 percent of the population, many office furniture stores are happy to offer a large inventory of Freedom furniture. One can even purchase them over the Internet through an online ergonomics office store. Ask the sales representatives regarding textile options, such as the sporty and durable Technogelr fabric, colors and foam cushions.

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