Global Office Furniture

Written by Erwann Marshall
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The goal for every designer behind Global office furniture is to provide the workplace environments with a broad range of furniture pieces affordable to the average consumer. Their first consideration is how to create chairs, desks and ergonomic accessories that help prevent RSIs (Repetitive Strain Injuries) common to office personnel. As it is a Corporate Member of the Association of Canadian Ergonomists, Global prides itself on making every piece to fit to the latest ergonomic information and technological breakthrough.

One of the key elements regarding Global office furniture is how sleek yet comfortable their chairs are. The most popular example is the Global Ride chair, a fashionable and modern twist on the ergonomic classic. It is designed to provide support for the entire body in a number of different positions and includes a totally "twistable" armrest system.

This system allows the user to change the height, angle or pivot of the armrests with a few simple squeezes of the control mechanisms. The distance between the two armrests can also be controlled to match up with the shoulder width of the user, while the back height can be adjusted through two small paddles in the back. These last features can help align the back, shoulders and forearms of each individual together in a unique and truly ergonomic manner.

Purchasing Global Office Furniture

It is easy to find a number of office furniture companies that carry the Global name. Many offer online shopping sites that feature Global office furniture in addition to other great ergonomic items. Others may be able to perform wholesale deals with Global to create unbelievable sales on already affordable furniture pieces.

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