Humanscale Freedom Chairs

Written by Erwann Marshall
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Humanscale freedom chairs are designed to be the top line of ergonomic office chairs in the world. Not only are they built to include the latest chair technology and aesthetic appeal, but they also incorporate human factors and the business environment into their overall functionality. These ergonomic tools outperform almost every other comparable type of office chair out there.

The concept behind Humanscale Freedom chairs is to create a product that, once fitted to you, does not need to be readjusted every time you decide to lean back or use the armrests. Once the proper backrest height, seat cushion placement and seat height is established, the entire chair will move and adjust to you. This is due to an amazing built-in counterbalance system that balances the weight of the body against the opposing forces necessary to support it.

This means that the backrest will stop at the point where you decide to lean back to! A simple flip motion of the hands is all you need to adjust the armrests of Humanscale Freedom chairs up or down, while the seat cushion can be moved fore and aft to match your own personal preference. One ingenious invention is a position-sensitive headrest that will extend itself to support your head when you recline and then lower itself as you sit up.

Unique Cushions Make Humanscale Freedom Chairs Especially Comfortable

Interestingly enough, Freedom chairs use cushions that are molded to fit the specific curves and contours of the human body. By doing so, the area of contact with the seated user distributes his or her weight evenly and decreases the possibility of pressure points. These cushions are easily removed and replaced with four simple screws and come in a variety of different colors and textile choices.

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