Keyboards With Built In Trackballs

Written by Sierra Rein
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Those searching for solutions to common repetitive stress pains might consider purchasing a keyboard with a built-in trackball. These keyboards can be instrumental in reducing common injuries like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS), repetitive stress injuries (RSIs) and tendonitis. They are used in many offices, doctors' and nurses' stations, workplace computer desks, and libraries around the world, and are considered extremely beneficial ergonomic products.

Trackballs in their own sense are great ergonomic tools, as they no longer require the movement of the wrist and lower arm to move the mouse. The "heel" of the hand rests on the back part of the trackball base, while the fingers move the ball forwards, backwards, and side to side in a limitless variety of motions. The thumb (and the pinkie finger in some models) is left free to work the click-and-hold button.

When a trackball is placed within the keyboard itself, a lot of space and balance issues are solved. The user does not have to find a separate space for the trackball or mouse, nor does he have to deal with complicated wires and faulty connections. All he has to do is plug in the keyboard to the computer tower and start working.

Can't Find Keyboards with Built-in Trackballs?

Another option is to find a padded gel wrist pad that comes with a built in trackball. This type of wrist pad will not only cushion your wrists and relieve pressure on the median nerves, but also provide the convenience and highly customizable uses of a trackball. It is a great option if you already like the keyboard you are using and do not wish to interrupt your desktop design, or if you need extra wrist support already.

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