Lcd Monitor Arms

Written by Erwann Marshall
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Articulating and folding LCD monitor arms are increasing in popularity due to a number of factors. Not only are LCD or flat-screen monitors becoming more affordable to the average office worker, but office furniture manufacturers are also developing newer and higher quality arms to fit them. It is now quite common to see these space-saving, ergonomic items working in tandem in the average office environment.

The best LCD monitor arms are designed to attach easily to the back center of most popular monitors and are built with die-cast aluminum strong enough to handle even the largest of computer screens, even up to 18 pounds. They can be installed directly through grommets cut into a flat surface or can be attached to the edge of a desk. Some people even screw LCD monitor arms into the side of a neighboring shelf to save even more desk space!

The most prized ergonomic feature of any monitor arm is how adjustable it is. Effective designs include 360° rotation of the monitor (to provide either horizontal landscape or vertical portrait viewing) and a lateral or vertical monitor tilt range of 60°. The latter feature will aid in preventing overhead glare from ceiling lights and can help to angle the screen to eye level for a more ergonomic position. As long as the monitor can be adjusted vertically, horizontally and on a tilted axis from the viewer, it will conform to ergonomic standards and will help the individual work at his desk in a more comfortable manner.

Specialty LCD Monitor Arms

There are a few LCD arms that are specially designed for unique office layouts, such as a few heavy-duty models that can handle four monitors (weighing up to 160 pounds combined) at a time. Others are pole or even wall-mounted and include a floating keyboard and mouse tray; this system can be placed anywhere in the room to provide an instant, desk-less computer station. These designs are perfect for industrial and commercial retail store displays, high-tech research and library rooms and Internet cafes.

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