Modular Office Furniture

Written by Sierra Rein
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For those unfamiliar with the concept, modular office furniture is usually designed for open office environments like those set up in empty warehouses or storefronts. The furniture pieces are shaped so that they can be arranged together in a number of different configurations. One office can purchase the same desk and chair arrangement for office workers and organize them to fit each employee's particular job description.

Each "set" of furniture is traditionally made up of three separate components--the dividing panel, the work surface and the storage area. Most modular office furniture pieces are built for ultimate productivity and can use the dividing panel to make separate, comfortable and private offices for each office worker. Because they are simple to order and come in a variety of different systems, they fit the workplace requirements of many clerical, technical and managerial businesses.

The best thing about modular office furniture is that it is usually light enough and portable enough to be rearranged easily and often. This is great news for firms that routinely move and adjust their office spaces to fit new technologies, products, clients and demands. It is also beneficial for traveling businesses, especially those who "set camp" at conventions, fairs and mobile homes.

The Many Storage and Filing Options of Modular Office Furniture

An employee has a lot of choices to make regarding where to place filing areas, storage shelving and secondary workspace areas. Modular office furniture can be custom ordered to fit the exact measurements of the office space in question or can be placed amongst existing furniture. Because they are so light and versatile, many modular filing cabinets and credenzas can be fitted easily with rollers and slid beneath a desk, while stand-alone shelving units can be placed next to a desk unit, on top of the workplace area, or hung on a wall to save both floor and desk space.

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