Office Master

Written by Erwann Marshall
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In 1986, a small company called Office Master began developing high quality, low-cost ergonomic office chairs. From their humble beginnings in San Diego, they grew to one of the most nationally acclaimed industrial companies in ergonomic furniture. Office Master chairs have been recognized as highly affordable and have been recommended by professional ergonomists as fantastic improvements on older, more expensive options.

In 1999, Office Master won the Best of LA DESIGNWEEK Award with their Glenworth Collection of chairs. Business Week has noted the affordability of this company's products in several magazine issues, especially the Paramount chair design. These chairs are bound to win more recognition as the high demand for better ergonomic chairs is met by the company's fast, innovative and imaginative design responses.

Choosing Between Office Master Chairs and Ergonomic Products

Office Master designers understand that there are three major category types of chairs: task-intensive, executive and cross-performance. The first type is for any operator who will spend long periods of time in one position, such as keyboard operators, transcriptionists, and writers. The second type, executive, are meant for managers, secretaries and other office workers who use their desk for a number of different functions, such as talking on the phone, typing on the computer, holding meetings, and processing paperwork.

The third, cross-performance, is a type of chair which provides features to support anyone who balances his work between the task-intensive and executive categories. A fourth seating type is the specialty category, in which the chairs are designed for users with alternative working styles or physical workplace requirements, such as drafting engineers, dentists, lab assistants, and assembly line workers. This type is also perfect for those with a unique body build or weight who may not fit right in conventional office chairs.

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