Office Workplace Ergonomics

Written by Sierra Rein
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Applying office workplace ergonomics is one of the smartest moves a business owner can do for his company. Business experts agree that ergonomics is an incredibly beneficial science to utilize within an office setting. Whether this means organizing breaks and reminding employees to stretch themselves every few hours or purchasing especially ergonomic desks and chairs for office personnel, an entire staff can feel the difference.

Office workplace ergonomics usually starts with the chair, the piece of furniture that is used the most throughout the day. The best chair is one that keeps the back in a reclined position and allows full lumbar support of the lower back. This chair should be adjusted in height and sitting angle before any other ergonomic items are added to the workstation.

Other Elements of Office Workplace Ergonomics

An office manager should take the time to point out to fellow employees proper office workplace ergonomics and how to set up their desk area so that work can be done efficiently and with the best posture. He should help each employee arrange the most widely used tools and machines (phone, computer, stapler, etc) within simple reach from the chair. This Normal Reach Zone should be adjusted for each individual so that excessive strains and stresses during work are avoided.

Finally, each worker should adjust his or her desk tools with ergonomic accessories. These include headsets for phones, keyboard trays, anti-glare monitor screens, foot and headrests, and document holders to keep the body in symmetry throughout the day. These simple items, no matter what their cost, can save a lot of pain and medical bills in the future.

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