Split Keyboards

Written by Sierra Rein
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Split keyboards have gained popularity in the last ten years due to their highly ergonomic design and style. While they are extremely compatible with modern desktop computers, they are still impractical in laptops or other traveling computers and are a bit difficult to adjust to in the beginning stages of use. However, most people with stationary computers enjoy using them, especially since they reduce the chances that a typist will suffer the pain associated with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, tendonitis, and other repetitive stress disorders (RSIs).

There are two main design types of split keyboards. The first, fixed-angle, is a type of keyboard that divides the letters into two halves and positions them at a slight outward angle to each other. Some fixed-angle split keyboards are flat, meaning there is no vertical difference between the center and outside areas of the angles. Other fixed-angle models are built as if they were designed like a small hill, with the center of the keyboard set higher than the outer edges.

Adjustable Angle Split Keyboards Take Keyboarding to New Levels

The second type of split keyboard is the adjustable-angle one, which is designed to allow the user to change the vertical and horizontal positioning of the halves. The slope (tent) of each keyboard half can be uniquely angled to conform to the natural position of the hands. Some people like to use adjustable-angle keyboards to separate the two halves in order to meet larger shoulder widths, or angle the halves in a complete perpendicular angle to mimic the shape and typing style of a vertical keyboard.

The most extreme kinds of adjustable split keyboards even offer a third section, the numeric keypad, which can be moved independently to either side or between the two main halves. These keyboards are great for left-handed people who are fed up with having the number pad always situated on the right-hand side. They are also great for typists who always need to have the number and arrow keys within easy reach.

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