Entrepreneur Business Plan

Written by Linda Alexander
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An entrepreneur business plan for a franchise is similar to one for a regular startup, but with some key differences. The franchise business plan needs to combine the goals of the franchise company with the goals of the franchisee. It must be its own business plan, while incorporating the franchisor's business practices.

Entrepreneur Business Plan: Traditional vs. Franchise

Any entrepreneur business plan would include a business summary, a marketing plan, and financial objectives. The franchise business plan would also include an overview of the franchise, which replaces the industry analysis found in traditional business plans. Also, the market analysis for a franchise would combine the traditional sections of the market and competitive analysis.

Your marketing plan might differ slightly from the marketing plan of a typical business plan. First, you have the benefits of the franchisor's own marketing and advertising efforts. You can use those to your advantage and add your own marketing to the plan. Second, you might have to face some restrictions on where you can advertise or whether you are allowed to use the company's trademark.

If you are going to use your entrepreneur business plan to secure financing for your new venture, talk to lenders first to see what kind of documentation they want to see. You can then write your plan with that in mind. Or, you can include a separate section just for your loan request, and add it into the rest of your plan.

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