Small Business Entrepreneur

Written by Linda Alexander
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You may think that every small business entrepreneur has certain characteristics or personality traits that make her successful. It's true that small business owners tend to be upbeat, positive people who work hard and enjoy being their own bosses. However, not every entrepreneur is alike as you will soon see.

Common Traits in the Small Business Entrepreneur

If you are thinking of buying into a franchise or running your own home based business, realize that there are certain traits that make franchise owners succeed. These are a little different from what you are used to thinking about small business entrepreneurs. Successful franchisees are good at following someone else's rules and do not have to invent their own systems in order to feel happy in their work.

Successful franchisees are willing to take some risks but are not as risky as entrepreneurial gamblers. They want their risks to be small and controlled, and they buy into franchises because it feels safer. Successful franchisees do a lot of research and know what they are getting themselves into.

Small business entrepreneurs, including franchisees, do have in common their excellent people skills. You cannot run a business without knowing how to interact with customers, prospects, and employees. It is one of the most important traits of successful business people around the world. Evaluate these traits and see what you have in common with entrepreneurs. You might be ready to start your own business, or to buy into a franchise and build your business that way instead.

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