Small Business Start Up

Written by Linda Alexander
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Having your own small business start up is a risky venture. I know from experience that starting your own business takes a tremendous amount of money, time, and sweat to make it successful. If you are not eager to put that much effort into it, you have other choices. You can purchase an existing business or buy into a franchise.

Franchises take away much of the risk of having a small business start up. With your investment, you get to use a system that has already been successful many times over. The company will also train you and teach you everything you need to know in order to be successful. You can take control of your financial destiny and be your own boss without having to struggle like other small business start ups.

Why a Franchise Is Better Than a Small Business Start Up

Another advantage to franchises is that they offer company support. When you start a business from the ground up, you don't always know where to turn when you need help. With a franchise, you will have access to an existing infrastructure of support materials, training meetings, and other entrepreneurs doing the same thing you are, offering their experiences and advice to help you be successful.

Many franchises offer benefits like working from home, carrying no inventory, and exclusive territories. That way you won't have to compete with another franchisee down the street, taking away your profits. You will not find guarantees like this when you buy an existing business or start your own from scratch.

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