Band Fundraisers

Written by Samuel Wong
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Band fundraisers pay for more than just instrument tune-ups and music lessons. Often times, a school's budget only sets aside enough money for uniforms and a music teacher. The rest of the money has to be donated or raised by the students. Most school bands are a tight-knit group, a quality that makes them a great fundraising team.

Often times we see high school marching bands in local and televised parades. Many of these bands come from another state, and sometimes from another country. How did they get the parade? The answer is band fundraisers. Band members usually have to pay their own way when it comes to long distance traveling for competitions or shows.

Get in Tune with Band Fundraisers

With all of the hours required for practice and rehearsals, you may think that students don't have time to participate in band fundraisers. However, many new fundraising programs don't require a lot of footwork and face-to-face salesmanship. Bands across the country have found success selling coupon booklets and discount cards. People will pay a little money in order to save a little money. What better way to spend money than by helping your local school band?

Nothing creates a mood of school spirit better than a high school band playing the fight song or the Star-Spangled Banner. By participating in your local school's band fundraisers, you are helping to ensure that future high school students will experience the magic of music. There's no question that they'll get those same chills you get when you hear a great marching band.

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