Boy Scout Fundraisers

Written by Samuel Wong
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When it comes to cookies, the Girl Scouts have the market cornered. This doesn't mean that Boy Scout fundraisers can't be as successful and profitable as those popular girls with the cookies. The Boy Scouts stand for traditional values and honesty. Many chapters have lost their meeting places and members due to legal wrangling.

Boy Scout fundraisers make all of those exciting camping and fishing trips possible. Every boy wants to know how to build a fire and catch a fish. These survival skills, although not necessarily needed in today's world, can really make a difference in a boy's confidence and self-esteem.

Honor The Scouts with Boy Scout Fundraisers

Some ideas for Boy Scout fundraisers you might want to consider is selling tree saplings at a garden sale at the local community center. When customers buy that little tree, they will be reminded of the fun camping trips they took with their families during their childhood. Cub Scouts could partner with a local beekeeper and sell jars of organic honey at the local farmers market.

If you're a busy den mother or father and don't have time to plan these elaborate Boy Scout fundraisers, you may want to consider these easier options. Many companies offer discount cards and coupon booklets as a part of their fundraising programs. These items are easy to sell and do not require a lot of showmanship to succeed. Just tell the boys to be honest and the people will buy.

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