Candy Fund Raiser

Written by Patricia Skinner
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For people of all ages a candy fund raiser can be a lot of fun. All types of candy can be used as a popular way to earn funds for your organization. Selling candy to raise money can be one of the most reliable methods simply because better than 90 percent of households regularly buy candy. This means you already have a fairly certain market and that's always important when you're choosing products to sell.

Holding a candy fund raiser is a great idea whether you're a small or a large organization. All the same organizing techniques and tips apply for both big and small companies. In addition, you can add other products such as cookies, coffee, magazines and gifts to your product list. These items are perfect for fundraising because they go together so well. Selling what people want will bring success.

Organizing a Candy Fund Raiser

If you have any doubts about whether a candy fund raiser is right for your organization, you only have to take a look at all the organizations that have been using similar schemes for years. Which group's name has now become synonymous with cookies? Before you launch your candy fund raiser scheme, however, you should lay out a few plans ahead of time that will help to ensure success.

To start with, how much money do you expect to make with your candy fund raiser? Make sure you give an up-front estimate. Remember that the higher you aim, the higher you'll fall! Make a list of all the other fund raising ideas you could employ alongside your candy fund raiser plan. It will be easier to plan everything together than to have to keep adding to your plan due to lack of organization. Remember that good advertising is the key to success in fundraising of all sorts.

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