Charity Fundraising

Written by Samuel Wong
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Charity fundraising

Many people think that charity fundraising is something that only happens around the holidays. It is the time of year when most people are in a giving, sharing mood, so they wrongfully assume that charities get all of the money they need in a few weeks time. However, the opposite is most often true. Many charities use up most of their funding around the holidays for the same benevolent reasons.

Many non-profits rely on charity fundraising to keep their programs going. Budgets for all companies and corporations are tight nowadays, especially if your company relies on donations and volunteers. Fundraising is one way to supplement your already limited funding.

Charity Fundraising For Today

One way that many organizations carry out their charity fundraising is through benefit luncheons or dinners. Many people do not get the chance to dine out at a fancy restaurant. Why not make a fancy dinner even more enticing by letting people know that they'll be helping out their favorite charity when they dine at a certain restaurant? It's even better if your guests are well to do and leave added donations at a collection bin placed at the entrance!

Another method of charity fundraising is to partner with a local events promoter and organize a benefit dinner dance or concert. People who attend are treated to an entertaining evening on the town. Your organization is provided with needed funds so that it can help out members of the community.

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Fundraising in a nutshell: A spaceil Talahi envelope that is given to all Michigan UCC congregation members (ie: sent out in newsletters or handed out for a certain collection date). If each confirmed UCC member contributed $5.00 a year, we'd be in good shape! This could be a yearly envelope, with all proceeds going directly to the operation of the summer camp programs.