Cheerleading Fundraiser Ideas

Written by Samuel Wong
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There's no limit when it comes to great cheerleading fundraiser ideas. Cheerleaders have a way of captivating an audience, no matter how well or poorly their team is doing. This same charisma holds true when cheerleaders participate in fundraising programs.

Cheerleading fundraiser ideas have come a long way since the days of the charity car wash. Cheerleading team members can get a taste of the competitive world of marketing by selling movie tickets or meal coupons. They can practice their communication and outreach skills by getting local restaurants and retailers to sponsor competitions or donate needed school equipment. They can apply the skills they learn in cheerleading to real world situations.

Show Your Spirit with Cheerleading Fundraising Ideas

Some modern cheerleader fundraising ideas involve selling discount coupon booklets or discount cards. While you're saving money on that dinner and a movie for two, your local cheerleading team is earning money for new uniforms and spirit paraphernalia. It's an easy way to help out the spirit squad and the local business community.

Cheerleaders are great school ambassadors. They can pack in the crowds at the local football field and fill up the bleachers in the local gymnasium. Their cheers and choreography have a way of making even the worst football team feel like champions. In short, cheerleaders are great at marketing. All of this potential should be considered when thinking of cheerleading fundraiser ideas.

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