Easy Fundraisers

Written by Samuel Wong
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Many people dread organizing fundraising activities due to their assumption that there are no easy fundraisers. However, they are very wrong! Raising money for your organization can be as easy as a trip to the grocery store! Signing your school up for scrip programs is a great way to ensure that music and art programs won't become the victims of dreaded budget cuts.

Easy fundraisers don't involve a lot of strategizing and long-term planning. What if your school suddenly needs money for band uniforms or team supplies? Knowing how to put together an easy fundraiser will ensure that your organization will never be in a money crunch.

Help with Easy Fundraisers

If you need help planning or putting together easy fundraisers for your school or organization, there are a variety of resources from which you can obtain assistance. The Internet is a wonderful source of information for fundraising ideas and strategies. There are entire web sites devoted to making the most out of your fundraising dollars.

Another good source for tips and tactics for easy fundraisers can be found next door. Simply asking your neighbor about what he or she would consider buying in order to support your team or organization could give you a good basis from which to build a fundraising plan. After all, your friends and neighbors are the ones who will be supporting your cause!

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