Fundraiser Planning

Written by Samuel Wong
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Some schools and colleges devote month-long courses to fundraiser planning. This is all good if you plan to start your own fundraising business or serve as a fundraising consultant. For the average schoolteacher or football coach, there's not enough time for fundraiser planning in their schedules.

With today's tight budgets and decreased spending, schools and nonprofits do not have the resources needed to hire someone to handle the fundraiser planning. Other times, the people planning fundraiser programs take a large portion of the proceeds, sometimes leaving your organization with as little as 25 percent of the donations made to your cause

Fundraiser Planning Made Easy

Many companies today take a lot of the guesswork and paperwork out of fundraiser planning. All your school or organization has to do is send away for an information packet, fill it out, and within a matter of days, the fundraising materials are ready to be deployed. Depending on how quickly your "troops" work, your school or organization could be earning money within a matter of days.

When working on fundraiser planning, you may want to consider how much money you want to earn and how quickly you need the money. If you set your goals too high and too soon, it is highly likely that your fundraising team will be discouraged and not put forth the effort they initially intended to. Setting your goals too low could have a similar result. Set your goals somewhere in the middle, and when the process wraps up, your team will more than likely be proud of its efforts, regardless of the results.

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