Written by Samuel Wong
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Many organizations have relied on fundraisers to make ends meet, or to supplement already tight budgets. These fundraising programs can be as simple as holding a rummage sale, or be more elaborate like benefit dinners or luncheons. The type of organization usually dictates the kind of fundraiser that may work best for you.

Many schools are injecting their fundraisers with a little fun and excitement by holding silent auctions that benefit team sports or after school programs. Parents or community members can donate items or their time for people to bid on. If you know someone who is a chef, ask him or her to donate one evening to cook a meal at someone's home.

Make Ends Meet with Fundraisers

One of the best ways to get your organization the exposure it needs is through fundraisers. There's no better way to let people know about your organization's purposes and programs. Holding a bake sale outside of the supermarket or discount superstore, you have the potential to inform thousands of people about your group's needs. Not to mention, there's the potential to meet someone who can benefit your organization in ways you never dreamed possible

Fundraisers are a great way to get more people involved in your organization. When people help your organization through donations or volunteering, they gain a greater interest in seeing your organization succeed. They feel like they have an active part in the outcome of your project or program.

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