Group Fundraising

Written by Samuel Wong
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Group fundraising allows you to experience the joys of teamwork with a little bit of friendly competition. It's true that you can accomplish a lot more with help from your friends. This is especially true in the world of fundraising. When a group is involved in the fundraising process, everyone does their part to reach the fundraising goal.

Many church groups and community groups rely on group fundraising to help pay for operating costs and occasional recreational activities. Without fundraising, these groups would be unable to pay for the banquet hall for their annual dinner party, or the printing costs for their monthly newsletter. Many times, it's the little things like these that make being a part of a group a rewarding experience. Knowing that everyone put forth a great amount of effort participating in fundraising makes the experience much more memorable.

Group Fundraising Means Cooperation

Many fundraising programs offer discounts for group fundraising projects. Companies who sell gift cards and coupon books offer bonuses or lower prices depending on the size of your group or organization. In some cases, a number of smaller groups will work together in order to receive the discounts offered to larger groups.

Group fundraising can strengthen and even build new cooperative bonds. If a team member is unable to perform his or her fundraising duties, other team members are usually more than happy to pick up the slack. When there's a definite goal in mind, team members will bend over backwards to reach that goal.

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