High School Fundraising

Written by Samuel Wong
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High school fundraising can be used to fund everything from school dances to educational vacations. High school students are more willing to take on bigger fundraising challenges. These challenges usually pay off in the form of top-notch DJs for the Winter Formal, or school-wide trips to the local amusement park.

Because high school students are usually more driven than younger students, high school fundraising can be a very profitable, beneficial aspect of the school experience. High school-aged adolescents usually have larger circles of friends that extend beyond the campus. This sphere of influence translates into more successful fundraising programs, which benefits both the school and its students.

High School Fundraising Can Work for Your School

High school fundraising programs make it possible for schools to offer their students a diverse selection of extracurricular and athletic activities. Specialized sports, like cheerleading and ballroom dance would not be as popular or as available as they are today without fundraising programs. Fundraising drives also enable the community to see first-hand just who and what they are helping when they buy that coupon book or gift card.

Most importantly, high school fundraising programs teach students the value of hard work. If they don't work to achieve their fundraising goals, they won't be able to go to that big dance, or take that new computer class. Fundraising also enhances cooperation and team working skills. Nothing says, "job well done" quite like a pizza party or a stretch limousine.

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