Profitable Fundraisers

Written by Samuel Wong
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In the past, it was hard to find profitable fundraisers. When a profitable fundraiser was found, it often required lots of hard work, which many younger students were unable to do. These days, people are often too busy with other commitments to devote a few hours each day to fundraising. Luckily, fundraising has entered the 21st century. It's fast, easy, and anyone can do it.

One of the more profitable fundraisers involves a lottery ticket-like scratch card. When this card is scratched off completely, your organization earns a 90 percent profit on its initial investment. This goal is easily achieved, because there is no product to sell and nothing to deliver or carry around. Every person who scratches a dot receives valuable coupons, so everyone benefits.

Show Me The Money with Profitable Fundraisers

Other profitable fundraisers include discount cards and coupon booklets. People are more likely to spend money on something that will save them money in the long term. Often times the discounts from a few restaurant coupons adds up to more than the amount spent on the booklets. People can't use these coupons all at once, so the benefits last them a long time.

Profitable fundraisers are all about instant gratification. A person is more likely to make a purchase if he or she will get the item right away. Profitable fundraisers eliminate the time-consuming delivery process that many wrapping paper and cookie fundraisers require.

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