School Fundraisers

Written by Samuel Wong
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With countless budget cuts and deficits, it seems that school fundraisers are as standard in schools as pencils and paper. These days, there just isn't enough money available to offer all the programs and courses that students need. Sometimes schools have enough money for operating costs and teachers' salaries, but they need a little support when it comes to fine arts programs or sports programs.

School fundraisers give students a chance to take part in enriching their academic experience. Often times, they need to raise money for field trips to really put them in that history lesson. Selling candy to friends and family may seem like a chore initially, but they'll feel very rewarded when their class takes that trip to the zoo or amusement park at the end of the school year.

School Fundraisers Are A Smart Decision

Many junior high schools offer their students the chance to visit our nation's capital during spring break for an educational field trip. However, in order for these students to be able to take this trip, they are required to participate in school fundraisers. This not only makes students work for their trip, it also offsets some of the costs they are likely to incur by going on the trip.

Today it seems like there's simply not enough money to go around in our schools. School fundraisers are a standard part of any school experience. Whether it's raising money for new uniforms or saving up for new pom-poms, it's sure to make every penny count!

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