School Fundraising Ideas

Written by Samuel Wong
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There's no need to go crazy trying to come up with new and exciting school fundraising ideas. Sometimes the solutions are right under your nose! Think about your fundraising goal and plan accordingly. You can add some excitement by coordinating your goal with the type of fundraiser you choose.

One of the more popular school fundraising ideas widely used today is partnering with a local grocery store using the scrip program. A portion of each customer's grocery bill goes toward school programs. All the person has to do is turn in their receipts every month. There are more electronic versions where all someone has to do is swipe a card. It's as easy as shopping!

School Fundraising Ideas Are Everywhere

For older children, school fundraising ideas can be more elaborate. Many junior high school kids love spending a day outside washing cars to raise money for their sports team or after school club. All the parents have to do is supervise and find an empty parking lot! And maybe check the weather forecast beforehand!

Another more recent selection from the world of school fundraising ideas involves auctions. Local community members volunteer their time and expertise in order to help your school or organization raise money. People bid on their services, and all of the money goes to your organization. This also gives your organization a lot of exposure in the community.

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