Scratch Card Fundraisers

Written by Samuel Wong
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Everybody has a little bit of a gambler inside him or her. Scratch card fundraisers take the benefits of fundraising and mix them up with a little bit of gambling risk. A person simply scratches off their desired number of squares or circles on a scratch card. The amounts that are revealed determine how much money the person contributes to your fundraising program.

The main benefit of scratch card fundraisers is that there is no product for team members to carry around. Who hasn't had to buy a box of fundraiser candy bars after accidentally leaving them in the car on a sunny day? The scratch card takes up very little room in a backpack or handbag, giving a whole new meaning to "fundraising on the go."

Everybody Wins with Scratch Card Fundraisers

One of the best parts about scratch card fundraisers is that your organization can receive up to 90 percent profit on the initial investment. If your team members or students are able to get friends and family to scratch off every dot on the card, your organization receives 90 dollars. With a few more cards, this profit can add up very quickly.

You may be asking what does someone get for scratching off the dots on scratch card fundraisers. Not only does he or she get the great feeling of knowing they've helped a good cause, but he or she also gets valuable coupons for each dot scratched. These coupons include 2 for 1 deals at major restaurants and other discounts at well-known merchants.

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